Best Practices & Tips

How to maximize conversion rates and minimize support.

Integration Tips

Follow these tips to maximize user conversion rates.

  1. Have users complete ZeroKYC on mobile. Our FaceScan is optimized for mobile phones (and works on every phone). If a user is on desktop, we recommend showing them a QR code to open and complete on mobile. Reach out if you need help with this.

  2. Share Verisoul's tips & tricks hub with users. If a user needs support, share Verisoul's pre-built tips section to help them complete the verification quickly!

  3. Tell the user what is happening. We recommend letting your users know why they will be verified with ZeroKYC and the benefits to them. For example:

Let's make sure you are real. Help us distinguish between real users and fake ones. This check keeps [application] safe and only takes 30 seconds to complete. (no app download)

User Tips

How to succeed

Users should follow these steps to maximize success rates:

  1. Find good lighting. The user should find a light source and try to maximize light on their face, while avoiding light sources behind them (which create shadow)

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. The UI will tell users when to move closer or further.

  3. Turn up brightness on their device. The UI will turn white on the FaceScan screen, so a bright screen will help illuminate their face.

Common failures

  1. User camera feed is being used by another app (we will detect a potential security risk)

  2. User doesn't allow camera permissions

  3. User device is in landscape mode (needs to be in portrait - if a mobile device)

  4. User camera is blurry or lighting is bad

  5. User session is expired - they received a session from your app, but waited too long to start / complete the session.

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