Custom Styling

ZeroKYC has a default styling and UX built by Verisoul (demo). However, if you want to match ZeroKYC to your app's UX, you can customize the styling.


To configure the user interface theme:

  1. Use the zerokyc-styling repo to configure and test UI styles

  2. Once you are satisfied with the styling configuration share the config.json file with Verisoul to host the config. Verisoul hosts all the UI configurations for you in production.

Privacy Policy Requirement

Due to the sensitive nature of facial biometrics, you must include an affirmative checkbox for users to click on prior to starting ZeroKYC. Verisoul will validate the presence of this checkbox interface prior to going live in production. You will not be granted a production key without approval from Verisoul.

Your customized workflow needs to an include:

  1. an affirmative checkbox with the language: I have read and agree to the Biometric Policy

Powered by Verisoul Requirement

Due to the sensitive nature of user biometric data, we require that you disclose to users that the ZeroKYC process is powered by Verisoul (even if you have custom styling).

See the Verisoul Verification Badge for embeddable badges.

Verisoul manages all of the compliance around user biometric data for you.

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