Navigate to FaceMatch

Once you have fetched a valid session token, you can navigate the user to FaceMatch.

FaceMatch URL

If your user is on mobile, you can open FaceMatch in a webview or redirect the user to the FaceMatch url. If your user is on desktop, we recommend that you display a QR code so that the user can complete the process on their mobile device.

The FaceMatch url is and takes a three query parameters:




secure session token



url encoded string that FaceMatch will redirect to upon completion


two letter language code

language code

On Completion

Once the FaceMatch session is complete, the user will be sent to the redirect_url configured in the query parameters above; by default, FaceMatch redirects to

The completed redirect URL will contain the following parameters:




secure session token



true if session completed without errors



only present if success is false; will contain a relevant error description

Error Handling

Error messages can include:

  • invalid_session_id: The session token provided is expired or invalid

  • session_id_not_found: No session token was provided

  • failed_to_get_camera_permission: The user did not agree to give the browser camera permissions

  • failed_to_complete_face_scan: The user was not able to complete the face scan process (clicked away from window context, etc.)

  • liveness_check_failed: The user did not pass liveness verification

It is recommended to parse the error_message and prompt the user to restart the FaceMatch process.

To let a user retry, you will need to fetch a new session token.

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