Welcome to Verisoul's FaceMatch documentation site.

What is FaceMatch?

FaceMatch is a Verisoul platform add-on that can be used as step up authentication or verification process. The workflow uses facial biometrics to match and deduplicate users, while ensuring that they're humans.

Customers use FaceMatch in two different ways:

  1. Authentication (1-1): match a user with an enrolled account to ensure its the same person

  2. Uniqueness (1-N): deduplicate users to verify a user is unique

For users: the process takes about thirty seconds, works on any device / language, and does not require an ID.

For developers: FaceMatch can be integrated within a couple hours of one developers time.

Quickstart Guide

It only takes a few minutes to configure and run FaceMatch:


How FaceMatch Works

For a deeper dive take a look at our Security/Accuracy and Production Integration

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